Saturday, February 1, 2014

The-Cartoonist.Com February Newsletter

Here's What New!

General Single Panel Cartoons
  • 4 New OTL Cartoons - a New Cartoon Every Wednesday!
  • Note - more Adventures of Timmy's Cat (Tinkles)!
KNOTS or Nots:
Scout Cartoons in a Single Panel Format The Cartoon Gospel:
Cartoon Gospels * Cartoon Old Testament * Cartoon Theology
  • Monthly Lectionary for February with links to Gospel and Old Testament cartoons
  • NEW - The Comic Book of Luke - based on the Cartoon Gospel of Luke only in a comic book multi-panel style.
Grady Nutt Tribute Page:
An Unofficial Grady Nutt Web Page
  • Added some YouTube Links I think you'll like!
Thanks for your continued interest and support for my cartoons!
All the best,

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