Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mid-Ohio Comic Con!

I'll going to my first comic con as an exhibitor and attendee!  Earl Musick and I will host the National Cartoonists Society (NCS) booth for the Great Lakes Chapter.  Come by if you get a chance.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Cartoons for October ;)

Here's What's New at The-Cartoonist.Com

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  • All Cartoon Gospels' Cartoons - All Cartoon Old Testament Cartoons
  • Monthly Lectionary
KNOTS or Nots ( Scout Cartoons in a Single Panel Format
  • KNOTS Cartoon Featuring the Great Northern Armadillo Race. Enjoy!
OUT TO LUNCH (General Cartoons and Merchandise): General Single Panel Cartoons
  • New OTL Cartoons Including Horseshoe Crab Games and The Doughboy Off His Medications! Silly stuff.
Other New Stuff:
  • Things to consider:
  • Enjoy a Zombie-A-Go-Go Classic Rerun for Halloween (10/25-31)
  • Then check out All Saints Day (what - yeah - November 1st)
  • The Cartoon Days of Christmas are Coming! December 1st to January 5th!